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    4-2x79E centrifugal ventilator
    product range: centrifugal ventilator
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    Product Description:

    4-2x79E centrifugal ventilator / ventilation fan

    4-2x29E and 4-79A centrifugal ventilators can convey air and other unnatural but harmless,non-corrosive to steel gas.There should be no adhesive matters in the air.The dust or hard granulated matter should be no more than 150mg/m3.The ambient temperature shoud be less than 80 deg C.It has a good pneumatic performance.The impeller and belt are both strictly static and dynamic balancing corrected.Therefore,the fans have features such as steady operation,little vibration,high efficiency,long life,etc.

    It is widely used in mining industry,large-scaled building,hotel,restaurants etc to ventilate and exhaust smoke.


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