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    Air conditioner fan ventilator

    electric motor|centrifugal blowerafter a news Air conditioner fan ventilator in China's manufacturers and exporters. We are professional.Air conditioner fan ventilator, etc. These products are being sent to Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Russia, Africa, etc. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the world.

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    • C6-48 Dust-Exhausting Centrifugal fan
    • 56.

      C6-48 Dust-Exhausting Centrifugal fan

      Product Description: C6-48 Dust-Exhausting Centrifugal fan C6-48 Dust-exhausting Centrifugal Fan specially made to exhaust dust.This series of fans are not easy to get dusty and they are durable.It is suitable to convey the gas including dust,wood flour,small fiber,etc.If there is hard granulated matters in the air,the fans should be matched w......

      product range: centrifugal ventilator

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • QZA Axial-flow Ventilator
    • 57.

      QZA Axial-flow Ventilator

      Product Description: QZA Axial-flow Ventilator/ axile fan QZA ventilators are usually used in factories,warehouses,offices,and residential buildings to ventilate and enhance heat dissipation.If its body is removed,the fans can be used freely.It can also be intervally installed in a long pipeline to increase the wind pressure in the pipe. QZA ......

      product range: axial-flow fan

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • 4-72-12 movable air blower for grain depot
    • 58.

      4-72-12 movable air blower for grain depot

      Product Description: 4-72-12 movable air blower for grain depot/ ventilation fan 4-72-12 Movable air blower is designed specially for grain depot to lower temperature.The main part of the blower is 4-72 ventilator with high efficiency and low noise.The secondary part is a handcart.So the fans are movable.There are totally 10 specifications fro......

      product range: electric blower

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • Y6-41 Centrifugal Induced draft Fan
    • 59.

      Y6-41 Centrifugal Induced draft Fan

      Product Description: Y6-41 Centrifugal Induced Draft Fan/ Induced centrifugal fan This kind of products are for all kinds of industrial boilers with evaporation amount 0.5-10t/h.It can be left-rotated and right-rotated.The outlet can be adjusted at 0 deg,90deg,180deg and 270deg four angles.The fans can be used to match with industrial boiler. ......

      product range: other ventilators/fans

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • FZY Flow Ventilator with External Rotor Motor and Low Noise and Eneray Saving Axle
    • 60.

      FZY Flow Ventilator with External Rotor Motor and Low Noise and Eneray Saving Axle

      Ventilator of this is series is constituted of single phase capacitance forced asynchronous motor with external rotor or three phase asynchronous motor,double-flange cylinder shell,network frame and blade.It boasts the characteristics of strong wind,feeble vibration,low noise and reliable performance,etc.This ventilator is mainly used for ventilati......

      product range: axial-flow fan

      click for details 10/5/2013
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