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    Air conditioner fan ventilator

    electric motor|centrifugal blowerafter a news Air conditioner fan ventilator in China's manufacturers and exporters. We are professional.Air conditioner fan ventilator, etc. These products are being sent to Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Russia, Africa, etc. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the world.

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    • BPS Explosion-proof Exhaust Fan
    • 21.

      BPS Explosion-proof Exhaust Fan

      Product Description:   BPS Explosion-proof Exhaust Fan/ anti-explosion exhausting fan BPS 51 Explosion-proof Exhaust Fans are used in the dangerous places : Area1 and Area2,where there are explosive air mixture at or below the level II kind B Stage,T4 Group.In the line of Voltage 220V or 380V,50Hz,they are used for ventilation and cooling pu......

      product range: axial-flow fan

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • Strong Force Electric Fans
    • 22.

      Strong Force Electric Fans

      Product Description: Strong Force Electric Fans /commercial fans Strong Force Electric Fans are commonly used in the workshops,warehouses,basements,canteens,etc to prevent sunstroke and lower temperature.The ambient temperature should not surpass 40 deg C,and there should be non-corrosive gas and no granulated dust in the air.The fans are main......

      product range: commercial fans/Industrial fan

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • ZDG fire fighting Cabinet Centrifugal ventilator
    • 23.

      ZDG fire fighting Cabinet Centrifugal ventilator

      Product Description: ZDG fire fighting Cabinet Centrifugal ventilator/ dual-purpose centrifugal fan ZDG series of low noise cabinet centrifugal ventilators are new products we develp based on advanced technology home and abroad.It have two functions: exhaust in fire fighting ,and air exchange.It has features such as high efficiency,low noise,c......

      product range: centrifugal ventilator

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • Axial-Flow Exhaust Fan
    • 24.

      Axial-Flow Exhaust Fan

      Product Description: Axial-Flow Exhaust Fan/axile fan FA series of Axial-Flow Exhaust Fans are driven by single-phase capacitance operated motor.FTA series are driven by three-phase asynchronous motor.Their reasonable structure,beautiful appearance,and firmness has attracted many customers.They are also durable and can save energy. This kind ......

      product range: axial-flow fan

      click for details 30/6/2011
    • BT35-11 Explosion-proof Axial-flow Ventilator
    • 25.

      BT35-11 Explosion-proof Axial-flow Ventilator

      Product Description:   BT35-11 Explosion-proof Axial-flow Ventilator/ Axile draft fan T35-11,BT35,FT35 Axial-Flow Ventilators are products to replace 30K4 products.Based on analysis and comparation with the similar products abroad,through optimized design,the structure of the impeller is confirmed.The motor is improved and the loss of ai......

      product range: axial-flow fan

      click for details 30/6/2011
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    electric motor|centrifugal bloweris a private enterprise dedicated to the design, production axial-flow fan   centrifugal ventilator   electric blower   electric motor/ motor   commercial fans/Industrial fan   Air-conditioner fan/ventilator   Exhaust Fan   other ventilators/fans   All Types   2015 New products   and other related products the company has passed ISO9001: Quality management system certification and CE, ROHS approval of the industry.
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