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    QZA Axial-flow Ventilator
    product range: axial-flow fan
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    Product Description:

    QZA Axial-flow Ventilator/ axile fan

    QZA ventilators are usually used in factories,warehouses,offices,and residential buildings to ventilate and enhance heat dissipation.If its body is removed,the fans can be used freely.It can also be intervally installed in a long pipeline to increase the wind pressure in the pipe.

    QZA are mainly made up of impeller and body.

    The impeller is composed with blades made of steel sheet and big hub.Its pressure is higher than axial-flow ventilator's.The blades can be required to be welded  with the hub in a proper angle.

    The body is made up of ventilation canister and holder,all of which are made of steel sheet and sectional material.There is a gap between the  straight cylindrical ventilation canister and impeller.

    The main technical parameter:

      Power Air-volume Pressure
    (No) (Kw-P) (m3/h) (Pa)
    5 3Kw-2P 10000-6800 510-700
    6 5.5Kp-2P 16000-13000 550-760
    7 7.5Kw-4P 25000-18000 610-720
    8 7.5Kw-4P 32000-28000 582-630
    9 11Kw-4P 34000-28000 562-660
    10 11Kw-4P 46000-36000 580-740
    11 15Kw-4P 52000-49600 610-760
    12 18.5Kw-4P 63000-58000 600-730
    13 18.5Kw-6P 75000-56000 620-750
    14 22Kw-6P 11000-7600 620-780


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    Product Catalog : >>axial-flow fan  >> QZA Axial-flow Ventilator
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