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SWF-I flow-mixed ventilator
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Product Description:

SWF-I flow-mixed ventilator/mixed flow fans

SWF-I flow-mixed ventilator is a novel fan which is not belong to Axial-flow ventilator or Centrifugal fan but have both of their features.When the size is same,its pressure is higher than axial-flow ventilator's,and its air volume is larger than centrifugal fan's.It's featured as its wide effiecient-operation area,high efficiency,etc.This kind of fans are widely used in office buildings,hotels and other large-scaled residential buildings to match their ventilation system.It is also used in cold storage,textile industry,etc to exchange air,so as to replace low pressure centrifugal ventilators and high pressure axial-flow fans,as they have to be matched with noise elimination measurements.






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Product Catalog : >>other ventilators/fans  >> SWF-I flow-mixed ventilator
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