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    T40 Axial-flow Ventilator
    product range: axial-flow fan
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    Product Description:

    T40 Axial-flow Ventilator /Axile fan

    T40 Axial-flow Ventilator is suitable for factories,warehouses,offices,residential houses to exchange air or enhance heat dissipation.If the body is removed,the fans can be freely used.It can also be intervally installed in a long pipeline so as to increase the pressure in the pipe.

    As clients requested,the structure of the KT40  fans is designed to place the motor on the fan body and are driven by belt.The performance of KT40 is the same as T40's.Clients can change their rotation to meet the performance they need.The most attractive function is that it can exhaust high-temperature air and moisture-proof air.


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    Product Catalog : >>axial-flow fan  >> T40 Axial-flow Ventilator
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