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    electric blower
    product range: electric blower
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    Company Profile Phone:+86-576-86332980,86330158 Fax:+86-576-86330159

    Product Description:

    Electric Blower (Aluminum Body) ,in which there is capacitance starter,has features such as large air volume,high wind pressure,saving energy,lightness and beautiful appearance.It can help combusting and is applicable to families,restaurants,small-scaled boiler,blast furnaces,etc.It is also used in common places to lower temperature.

    The Main Technical Parameter

    2" 220V 150W 50/60 1.0A 3000/3600
    2-1/2" 220V 260W 50/60 1.6A 3000/3600
    3" 220V 370W 50/60 2.0A 3000/3600



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    Product Catalog : >>electric blower  >> electric blower
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