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    BZF Against explosion Axile Draft Fan
    product range: axial-flow fan
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    Product Description:

    BZF Against explosion Axile Draft Fan/Axial Flow fan

    BZF series of against explosion axile draft fans are used in the dangerous places : Area1 and Area2,where there are explosive air mixture at or below the level II kind B Stage,T4 Group.It is used for the plants and warehouse to ventilate ,exchange air or enhance heat dissipation.

    It should be operated in the following conditions:AC 50Hz,Voltage 220V or 380V. The place where there is no heavy corrosion gas and no obvious dust.

    We can add installation holders if clients request.

    The fans conform with the standard mark Exd II BT4.

    It is made up of explosion-proof motor,blades,ventilation canister,etc.The blades are made of aluminum and the ventilation canister is made of steel sheet welded with sectional material.The power line can be steel conduit or cabling.There is an earthing screw outside the fan.


    This series product is suitable for II kind of B the level T4 group and following rank,the group other fire damp mixture(1 area and 2 areas) The place,as the workshop,the warehouse well ventilated takes a breath or strengthens using of the warm air radiation.

    This series product also make additionally build peacefully according to installation shelf.

    This series product conforms to the explosion-proof to symbolize ExdII BT4 request.



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