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    SF low noise Axile Ventilator
    product range: axial-flow fan
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    Product Description:

    SF Low Noise Axile Ventilator

    SF Low Noise Axile Ventilators have the advantages such as smooth streamline form surface,steady operation,high efficiency,low noise,saving energy,etc.SF series of ventilators can be devided into 4 types  according to the using requirement,they are pipelined type,fixed one,wall one and post one.If devided according to the diameters of impeller,there will be 12 specifications.

    This kind of fans are widely used in mining industry and residential building to exhaust in wall type,blast in post type and ventilate in pipelined type.It is also used in Chemical , light industrial,food,medical,electrical,transporting places and warehouse to match the HVAC.






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    Product Catalog : >>axial-flow fan  >> SF low noise Axile Ventilator
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